Our Story

Our Story

Joe Malgioglio has been working in the marketing and promotions industry for the last 13 years. In 2019, he co-founded The Australian Dried Fruit Company after visiting a farmer’s family nestled in the Table Top region of Northern Queensland. This was where Joe's first inklings of inspiration had started to blossom, as he had the opportunity to experience the passion with which this family pursued their humble business, growing luscious tropical fruit made sweeter by their love and care.

After the COVID-19 global pandemic hit in early 2020, small local businesses were amongst the hardest hit by the government enforced shutdowns. These harsh changes to the domestic economy brought on a 'support local' movement, to try and help these businesses get back on their feet. This inspired Joe's idea of establishing an empowering platform that would promote the significance of keeping local businesses at home, as well as being the voice in expressing the captivating stories behind them.

Joe and his team embarked upon a journey that would lead to the launch of Neau Collective, an online marketplace that whole-heartedly encourages premium Australian and New Zealand brands to present their products to the conscious buyer community. In pursuit of maintaining the multi-cultural identities of Australia and New Zealand, the portfolio of brands that we showcase reflect our belief in the preservation of Aussie and Kiwi ingenuity, creativity, and the natural outdoor lifestyle. The term "neau" (pronounced 'new') combines New Zealand, "ne", and Australia, "au", as we look to cultivate the traits that unite the two countries, while also celebrating what makes them exceptionally unique.

Whether it be locally grown organic dried fruit or an intricately crafted piece of jewellery, Neau Collective’s selection of artisanal products are chosen with the finest attention to detail. We invite our customers on a journey behind the scenes to discover the process of creating a product from scratch, while offering a shopping experience that is built on trust and integrity.

Neau Collective


Our purpose is to support local Australian and New Zealand businesses. Motivated by the craft and passion that goes into making their products, we are here to empower small business owners and their families every step of the way.


Our vision is to encourage and preserve local businesses in Australia and New Zealand so that they continue to thrive. We see a future where the quality of locally produced and grown goods are cherished, along with the values and stories behind them.


Our mission is to share trusted brands with you from across Australia and New Zealand that produce quality products with refinement, love, and authenticity. We are a collective built on storytelling and wish to re-define what it means to shop locally.


While promoting a transparent company structure that operates from the heart, we value community, trust, and true quality. We believe in building personal relationships with the local businesses we feature and the customers who support them. We invite you on a journey to explore our hand-selected portfolio of Australian and New Zealand products.

Our Pillars


Keeping businesses and jobs in Australia and New Zealand.

An opportunity to promote and sell products for small AU/NZ businesses.

Free to sign up to.


A quality is of the utmost importance to us and our partners.

Educate end-consumer on quality of Australia and New Zealand made products.


We practice a transparent, fair, honest company structure.

We build personal relationships with the brands presented in our community.

We support the same values as brand owners.

Meet the team

Joe Malgioglio


Joe is the founder of Neau Collective. Joe is also co-founder of The Australian Dried Fruit Company, where he found the need for a platform to support small local businesses who are ducts, even more so due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As an Italian Australian, Joe is a natural foodie who enjoys making traditional Italian pasta with his family in his spare time.

Hanna Witthoeft

Head of Marketing

Hanna oversees the strategy and execution for marketing and social media for Neau Collective. She is passionate about sustainability, health and well-being and can be found trekking and chasing waterfalls outside of work.

Dawn Simmons

Business Development Manager

Dawn is the Kiwi in the Neau Collective family. She drives the development of business opportunities and connects with new vendors. Dawn is a keen foodie who is often found baking and making cocktails on the weekends.

Adelia D’Andrea

Communications Coordinator

Adelia copy writes, creates content and works closely with our partners to tell their stories. She loves all things fashion and art and is often socialising on the weekends.