Registered Your Brand With Us? Here Are Your Next Steps.

 1. Setting Up Your Account

1. Go to your Profile and click on My Account.

2. Fill in your Account Details, including your brand name and contact information.

3. Under Seller Profile & Status, upload an image of the makers behind the brand. Under Seller Shop Logo, upload your brand logo.

4. Select your preferred primary and secondary categories to be featured in.

5. Enter an introduction to your brand under Short Store Description.

6. Enter the story behind your brand where it says Detailed Store Description.

7. Enter your returns policy as well as any other brand policies you currently have in place.

8. Upload up to 10 gallery images to be displayed on your Neau Collective brand page, these can include lifestyle shots and behind the scenes images.

9. Upload a banner image that will be displayed along the top of your brand page.

10. Click Save Changes.


2. Uploading Your Products

1. Under Products, go to Product Listings

2. Click Add Product to start adding your products.

3. Upload a product image, you are able to upload up to 5 images of a product at a time.

    Click here to see our Product Listing Photography Guidelines. 

4. Under Collections, select your preferred primary and secondary categories. These are where your products will be listed under. 

5. Enter your product details. This includes the name, type of product, description, select a tag from the drop down, and product policy. We would love for you to be as descriptive and creative as you can with this, take it as an opportunity to tell the story behind the particular product.

6. Enter the shipping and delivery details for your product, and select requires shipping.

7. Under pricing details, enter the price of the product and select GST inclusive price. We have our own Inventory tracking system that we will enter ourselves so under inventory details, just click track the inventory and select how many units you currently have in stock. We require that all vendors carry a minimum of 5 units of each product. 

8. Rather than uploading different variants, such as colour, we require for you to just use size (if applicable). Then enter S, M, L etc. under "option value". If you would like to upload a product in multiple colours, we require that you upload these items as individual listings rather than as variants under one listing. This makes it easier for customers to find your items in our search bar when they type in a particular variant.  

9. Under Custom Fields is where you can elaborate on product details for customers. Enter the name of the product under detail_option_title and then enter its specific details under detail_option_value (ie. Care and Washing- wash on cold, hand dry or dry on low heat).

10. Click Save Changes.  

3. Managing Your Orders

1. Go to Orders and click Order Listings.

2. Here you will be able to see a list of orders that are Unfulfilled. To start fulfilling these orders, click the three dots beside an order and select View.

3. This will take you to the order page, scroll down and click Fulfill under Fulfillment Details.

4. Select Marketplace Shipping when it asks you to choose a method of fulfillment. 

5. Enter the tracking information for your item, including the tracking number, shipping method, and tracking URL. This information can be entered at a later stage, however we recommend filling it in at this stage to promote a better customer experience.

6. The order will then change from Unfulfilled to Fulfilled. 

7. Once your order is packed and ready to make its way to the customer, enter the order page and under Additional Order Details, select Generate A Shipping Label. Print out this label and attach it to the order before sending it out.

8. After the order has been sent, enter the order page, scroll down and select Edit Tracking where you can fill out the tracking information if you have not already done so.

9. Click Enter Delivery Details and select Delivered. Enter the expected delivery date of the order and then click Submit. The order will now change from Fulfilled to Delivered.

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