Taking Care Of Your Mental Health As You Start Your Small Business Journey

Starting a small business from scratch is such a wonderful and exciting process. There are numerous mental health benefits that can come from that sense of independence, productivity and achievement in pursuing your passion. 

Putting ones needs first can often come as less as a priority for small business owners, as they tend to center their work around customer satisfaction. The days can be consumed by taking phone calls, replying to emails, ordering stock and updating websites. It's important to take a step back from time to time, ensuring your own needs are being met and that you are maintaining a healthy, balanced schedule. A strong, stable mindset will work wonders for you and your business, and usually does involve being a bit selfish at times.

Here are some measures that you can take in order to prioritize your mental health, alongside getting your small business up and running.

  • Plan Your Day Ahead

What seems like a long, tiring day ahead can actually fly by quicker than you thought. Prioritize tasks that are more urgent and set a time that you would like to complete them by.  Always take one task at a time and try and complete it to the best of your ability before even thinking about the next one.

  • Delegate

A strong leader knows how and when to delegate tasks. Jobs are done more efficiently when there is team work involved, so if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by how much there is to do in a day, don't be afraid to reach out to others for some extra hands.

  • Take Breaks

Set a reminder to take breaks throughout the day, aim for one mid- morning and one for lunch. You can use this time to eat, go for a walk, or spend time with loved ones. 

  • Set Boundaries 

It can be very easy for work and personal time to start intertwining, making you feel as though you constantly have to take that call or reply to that email. Work time is work time, try and keep your tasks between your set hours unless it can't wait until the following morning. Establish an office or studio that you can associate with work, so that it makes it easier to sign off at the end of the day.

  • Continue Your Hobbies

Don't feel the need to completely abandon the hobbies that you used to love to make more time for your business. Planning and scheduling accordingly can ensure you have time set aside for all of your passions. Make time in the mornings or evenings for a game of tennis, meditation or cooking your favorite meals.

  • Join A Small Business Network Or Group

Establishing a business can be quite isolating at times, especially when you feel like you are drowning in tasks and not seeing as much revenue as you'd initially hoped. Reaching out to other business owners in similar situations can help to inspire and reassure you that you are not alone in this process.

We encourage our fellow Aussies and Kiwis to continue in supporting their locals this year, as we often underestimate the time and effort that goes into getting a business off the ground. Congratulations to all of the small business owners out there who decided to turn their dreams into a reality, Neau Collective stands to support you every step of the way.

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