Neau Stories: A Journey Towards Creating Wellness

What inspired you to start Sasy n Savy?

I have been working in the corporate and lifestyle industry since 1994. I spent my early years as a consultant for various national and international corporations. During my travels, I forever encountered burnt-out individuals seeking to enhance, improve and feel better about themselves. The message of “creating wellness” became a personal mission and a professional vision.  I felt strongly about sharing this sensation, so it was at that point Sasy n Savy was conceived. I decided to channel these now life fundamentals into Sasy n Savy and developed a range of natural and organic aromatherapy and day spa products designed to tap into the emotional,  physical and spiritual aspects of self care.

What has been one of the biggest challenges that you have faced since starting, and what have you learned from it?

The biggest challenge has been learning about exporting to different territories around the globe. Each region brings a new set of complex challenges including product registration and compliance, cultural and market sensitivities, not to mention logistic and supply chain requirements.


Have you had to adapt your business during COVID-19? If so, how?

COVID-19 has brought many challenges but also great opportunities. As a local manufacturer, we were able to adapt quickly to the increasing demand in the market for hand wash and sanitiser. We were pre-equipped with the materials, equipment and capability to pivot our production facilities towards the manufacture of hand sanitiser. This allowed us to provide a locally produced hand sanitiser amid supply shortages elsewhere. We were able to provide a viable and affordable hand sanitiser that was clinically tested and available to meet the increased demand for this product both locally but also globally.


What makes Sasy n Savy unique?

Sasy n Savy has a unique approach to natural organic skincare. We place great emphasis on our VAN formula to ensure that all our products contain carefully sourced Australian ingredients that are naturally rich in vitamins, antioxidants & nutrients. When combined these vital ingredients are highly effective in stimulating collagen and encouraging cell renewal to improve skin complexion to make you feel and look younger. Our ingredients include Kakadu Plum extract which is the richest form of Vitamin C in the world,  Bilberry and Bearberry Leaf extract which act as powerful antioxidants and Wild Rosella Flower extract which is high in natural protein & nutrients.


What advice would you give others who are wanting to start a business?

Launching a business is hard work. It is important to have a business plan before you make the commitment. Map out your vision and business objectives, set goals and consider the financial and personal implications. Be realistic about your goals and be prepared to adapt and pivot. Most of all do your research. Investigate your market, identify the gaps your product and service can fulfill and establish your unique point of difference. Above all else be patient. Success takes time.


What does self-care mean to you and why is it important?

At Sasy n Savy, we are big believers in self-care. Our company motto is Enjoy LIFE. We call it the LIFE principle:

  • Live for the fullest
  • Inspire for greatness
  • Feel Good about who you are
  • Empower yourself to take control

This is our guiding philosophy in life as well as business. Before us there is you. We strive to empower our customers with our products. Above all else, we listen and rely on the feedback of our customers so we can respond to their needs and continue to provide them with the results they deserve and love.

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