Neau Stories: A Sibling Duo Inspired by Minimalist Fashion And Design Culture

What inspired you to start Observe Gallery?

Observe was simply inspired by our love for minimalist fashion and design culture. It has provided us with an avenue to express our creativity. There wasn't a specific moment or event that sparked the idea to start the brand, rather it was a concept that developed over time through a range of research and visualizations.


How did you go about launching your business?

We initially wanted to create a mood board that reflected the leisurely nature of our brand. We featured a range of aesthetic pictures that generated the backing for our brand and what Observe really stood for. This was all done through Instagram whilst we developed our pieces and brewed ideas behind the scenes. Once we were ready with our first collection, we designed our website and went live!


What has been one of the biggest challenges that you have faced since starting?

One of the biggest challenges in the clothing industry is just the ability to be individual and create a brand that stands out from the rest. This is the challenge you face everyday when designing and advertising. It is never really something you overcome fully. It’s more so something that you have in the back of your mind and are constantly working towards.


How have you had to adapt as a business during COVID-19? What have you learned from it?

As we practically started just before COVID hit, our business has solely been online and through this we have had to master advertising and promotion through social media. Over this period, with the amount of small businesses popping up, the main goal throughout has been to develop and maintain that individuality that we desired from the very beginning.


What are your business goals for the new year?

In the new year, we aim to have each collection completely ‘cut and sew’, meaning every piece hand designed in terms of fitting as well as graphics. We want to also have a few of our pieces stocked in boutiques around Australia.


What do you think is the most unique aspect of your business?

Something that makes Observe stand out is the quality of our product. We are constantly ordering sample items and testing quality to ensure our customers are always satisfied with their Observe pieces. Something that also assists us in standing out is our brand culture. This is ultimately why we incorporated Gallery into the brand name, as we wanted our online presence and collection of images to feel as though it was a gallery or museum of contemporary culture.


What advice would you give others who are wanting to start a small business?

  • Have direction
  • Don't be afraid to order small quantities
  • Know your audience and what they like


Check out Observe Gallery's brand page here

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