Neau Stories: A Father-Daughter Duo Taking On Waste Minimisation

What inspired you to start Countryside Krafts?

My inspiration for starting Countryside Krafts came primarily from a focus on waste minimisation. This developed and changed over time and I managed to minimise some of my waste by buying my milk in Reusable glass bottles. Of course, I now needed a way to carry said bottles safely inside as I was ordering 2-5 litres any given week. 

My dad being the awesome handyman he is, designed and made me a plywood milk crate (the classic quad), and I told him "we could sell these!" 


How did you go about launching your business?

We started by showing off some of my dad's handy work on my personal facebook page - gaining some exciting interest. Then we went on to create a dedicated Facebook page and Instagram. We have since attended a few markets and gained this exciting opportunity. 


What has been one of the biggest challenges that you have faced since starting, and what have you learned from it?

Our biggest challenge has been fitting this new adventure around our other jobs. My dad is a farmer, and I am a nurse. We both have to fit this in with our busy lifestyles but wouldn't have it any other way. We have also had to come up with ways to make our crates that are faster, stronger, more aesthetically pleasing, so this has been a massive learning curve. 


Have you had to adapt your business during COVID-19? If so, how?

We have learned that we love working together as a team, that we are doing this because we love it, and that splashing out on those better power tools really does make life easier! COVID-19 definitely changed things. I live in the Waikato, and my parents are in Gisborne. A lot of idea sharing has been over the phone of through sending photos back and forth since I couldn't return home. 

Thankfully, the workshop is on my parents property, so dad was still able to get things done without coming into contact with others during lock down. 


What makes Countryside Krafts unique?

We are unique as we are a father-daughter team who did this for fun and ended up making others happy too. We've designed more than just crates now and are really coming into our own in terms of ideas and creativity. It's rare for a girl to be able to start a venture with her dad and remain best friends with him, but that's exactly how it's turned out for us. 


What advice would you give others who are wanting to start a business?

Give it a go! Life's too short to think 'what if'?? You never know what will happen. 


Why do you think it is important to support our locals?

Kiwis are all about community and supporting local is at our core. I personally enjoy knowing that a small business produced something wonderful, rather than giving massive company's more. I also like to think that when buying locally, from small scale operations, the person receiving the sales may be doing a little happy dance each time, because that's what I do! 

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