Hygge Up Your Home & Lifestyle This Winter

Created as a concept by the Danish in the 18th century, Hygge embodies the appreciation and enjoyment of life's simple pleasures. It is a fundamental part of Danish culture that has come to inspire the rest of the world, both in its mindset and the way it is incorporated into décor. 

You know that feeling of snuggling up with a mug of hot chocolate in front of the fireplace? Or lighting your favorite scented candles before running yourself a bubble bath? These feelings of comfort, joy, peace, and serenity are all part of what makes hygge such an appealing way of life. It celebrates health, warmth, a positive state of mind, and taking that extra time to focus on yourself and your needs. 

Hygge can also be incorporated into your home to create a safe, inviting, and cozy space for your friends and family. In true Scandinavian style, the less clutter, the better. Here are some ways you can Hygge up your home this winter:


Creating a warm and subtle radiance with candles will add to that cozy atmosphere, lighting just one will go a long way as it will become the focal point of any room. Warmth and light are known to attract groups of people, laughter, and harmony. Try choosing warmer smelling scents to contrast the cold from outside, such as vanilla or sandalwood.

Adding Texture.

If you're keeping the décor quite simple, it's always interesting to add layers and different kinds of texture as it will make a room look more three-dimensional. Alternating patterns or incorporating different kinds of materials is another way to do this.

Creating A Comfortable Atmosphere.

Using layers of throw blankets and fluffy pillows will cozy up any space, it'll make you want to sit back and relax with a hot cup of tea. Cotton, wool, and other soft materials are ideal.

A Neutral Colour Scheme.

Keeping the colours quite neutral will help to minimize that sense of clutter as is it is a lot less overwhelming to look at upon entry. White and cream tones contribute to feelings of peace and serenity, which is very hygge. Adding in a pop of colour to tie it all together is never a bad idea either, through the use of feature pillows or a bold piece of art to hang on the wall.

A Fireplace (Of Some Sort!)

Gathering around a fire with friends and family is a large part of Danish culture, as it is the perfect time to be mindful about your surroundings and those you love. Light up your fireplace if you have one, as this is the ultimate component of a hygge home! Anything that gives off heat or the idea of a fireplace will do the trick, you could try using an electric fireplace, fake fire logs, or even a decorative fireplace mantel.

Although quite popular during the cold winter months, Hygge can be practiced all year round as a mindset that will help to minimize stress. This can include spending more time with family and friends; reading a good book; taking up a new hobby, or even just being more present and thankful. As long as you're indulging in life's simple pleasures, you've got the right idea.

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