Eight Self-Care Tips For Spring

Now that Spring is in full bloom, it is time to indulge in what this beautiful season has to offer. After a long winter, it is rejuvenating to be greeted with sunshine, sweet fresh fruit, and vibrant colours as flowers begin to grow again.

While checking in with your family and loved ones, make sure to periodically check in with yourself as well. Try incorporating daily activities to stimulate the mind and soul, if that means running through a field of sunflowers once in a while then so be it.

Here are eight of our favorite Spring self-care tips:

1. Go on a nature walk.

Sitting at a desk all day can be mentally and physically draining, so taking a break from your work to go on a walk in the sun is never a bad idea. The sunshine provides our bodies with essential Vitamin D, which is good for our bones, teeth, and muscles. Whether it's a hike with your family or walking the dog, we swear by the positive endorphins a good walk can give our bodies and minds.

2. Time for a spring clean!

Spring is the perfect time to clean out your closet or organize your kitchen drawers, the season itself signifies a fresh start. A clean, and organized space, free from clutter will leave you feeling accomplished and satisfied. Make sure to start with something small first, and focus on one spot at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed. If the thought of cleaning has you rolling your eyes, that is okay too! Read ahead for some other great tips that will leave you feeling just as accomplished.

3. Fill your home with "spring" smelling scents.

We all love a good scented candle, don't we? There's nothing quite like walking into a room that smells like a flower shop. Grab your favorite smelling candles and put them around your house to greet your senses, this will sooth the soul and reduce stress.

4. Write down five things you are grateful for every morning.

Setting yourself up for a good day includes self-awareness and appreciation. Make sure to congratulate yourself on the little things, and appreciate how far you have come. Writing down five aspects of your life that you are grateful for in the morning will start your day on a good note, so that every daily activity can be faced with a positive and enthusiastic attitude. 

5. Buy yourself flowers.

Next time you're out running some errands, why not treat yourself to that gorgeous bouquet of flowers that you've had your eye on? Flowers will add a pop of colour to your space, making you feel happy every time you stop to admire them. That is what spring is all about!

6. Plan meals filled with seasonal fruit, vegetables, and whole grains.

We're all for a delicious slice of chocolate cake now and again, but eating a balanced diet full of vitamins, fiber, and protein will give you even more energy throughout the day. Use fresh fruit and vegetables that are in season to bulk up your dishes, that way you support your physical and mental health, as well as your local farmers!

7. Read a good book.

This is a great time to sit outside and catch up on some light reading. Learn something new, read an old favorite, or browse this months' lifestyle magazine. Reading improves memory, empathy, and reduces stress. If you're feeling especially creative, why not start your very own blog or short story? Happy writing!

8. Stay hydrated.

Warmer weather means it is essential that you drink enough water throughout the day. By all means enjoy that lovely sun, but do so safely, with a bottle of water and sunscreen on you at all times.

We know it's easy to count down the days until our hot summer, but let's make sure we appreciate every day of this lovely blooming season while it's here; Happy Spring!

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